About SJM Technical Media

SJM is an established company that has been providing specialist images and services to industry for over 30 years. Our current work is shaped by the various bespoke systems and techniques we have developed during this time.

Our work is used worldwide to promote advances in technology, engineering, science, and medical sectors. In addition to working on location, our studio produces class-leading images of the latest hardware and consumables. Combining a wide range of video and animation techniques, we intelligently visualise complex procedures and demonstrate specific product USPs to the target audiences.

Our large folio of work spans from concept imaging used within the telecoms industry and financial sectors, working on surgical robotics, 3D automotive imaging, as well as producing high-resolution images of microscopic devices.

Our services

As part of an integrated service, SJM offer a range of class-leading imaging and design services for the most challenging projects. This allows clients to cost-effectively specify and re-purpose their media for many different applications, as well as international delivery.

Comprehensive imaging services
Comprehensive imaging services

The SJM studio has a wealth of facilities for technical product photography, 3D object imaging - as well as other specialist & concept imaging.

Integrated media
Intelligent, integrated media

Combining a wide range of video and animation techniques to successfully visualise complex systems to their intended target audience.

3D modelling & immersive visualisation
Class leading 3D solutions

Integrating the latest 3D modelling & immersive visualisation systems to produce media which is both visually compelling and technically accurate.

Exhibition graphics
Striking, modern show graphics

Combining crisp imaging and modern design graphics to generate eye-catching professional display material for trade shows and seminars.

Design for print
Modern design for print

Our design team work with us to produce brochures, technical PDFs, leaflets and business print materials with a fresh, modern, individual style.

Web design and media
Web design and media integration

Successfully integrate imaging, video and key messages within a platform that is accessible to both your potential customers and your own team.

Visualising complex projects

Product presentation can be brought to life with well-produced media. SJM has developed innovative imaging systems for working on a wide range of products.

As well as technical imaging, we have long experience in the production of concept photography and special effects for industry. This can be especially valuable to visualise services where there is no physical product – such as financial services or software.

The 3D environment is ideal for demonstrating key features and internal structures. Seamlessly integrating both real and 3D modelled images in our work optimises potential customers understanding of product features.

Spin-offs from working in the aerospace and automotive industries we have developed systems for shooting 3D images in very confined spaces, which can be used in any small space that would benefit from immersive 3D viewing.

Scientific and biomedical projects

SJM studios work with a broad range of clients: research scientists, engineers, medical and dental professionals, manufacturers and distributors – to small independent companies who provide services and products to these industries.

Our team include scientifically trained and MIA theatre-accredited professionals who are able to understand and interpret complex projects. This allows us to rapidly integrate with professional co-workers and work safely within clinic and sterile areas such as research laboratories, operating theatres and micro-electronic production facilities.

Clients typically like to employ contractors who have previous experience of working in these areas, who can offer intelligent imaging solutions without having to be brought up to speed with issues around safe work practices, hygiene and contamination hazards. For this reason, many manufacturers choose us to shoot their products and production areas.

Consultancy services

Ultimately, the correct presentation of a new product to the market can be the difference between success and failure. Clients often require expertise to communicate their product’s features and USP’s successfully.

Unsurprisingly, this can involve solving technical imaging problems and our long experience allows us to navigate a path through the most complex and unusual projects.

At a deeper level, it involves thinking through what is being communicated to several quite different target audiences. For example, a novel medical product for example may require different presentation to potential funders, production engineers, surgical teams, patients and ultimately the procurement executives who are buying it. Each of these can be achieved by fine-tuning and re-versioning media to suite each requirement.

Our consultancy service delivers a detailed report providing solutions to all of these challenges. Our expertise, developed working on a wide variety of projects, allows us to rapidly identify and develop novel imaging and media delivery systems for the most unusual challenges.

Set up correctly at the outset, finished projects can be re-purposed for many different applications. SJM work with customers to provide intelligent solutions to these challenges.

Client Testimonials
“My experience with SJM Media can be summarized in three words. Imagination, innovation and perfection.”

Prof. Harold Preiskel, Specialist in Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

“P3 has relied on SJM for many years. The service is very professional and they produce extremely high quality results, which have been invaluable to our business. I would highly recommend.”

Simon Talbot, Managing director, P3 Medical Ltd

“I’ve used SJM several times for projects varying in complexity; the end product always exceeded my expectations. Providing both consultation and guidance toward producing the technical videos we were after, I always found SJM outstanding value for money. The material they produced always contributed strongly to the success of our products. I can recommend them without hesitation.”

Richard McKay, Meteorologist  & Product Manager

“I have worked with a number of media design firms but SJM are now my ‘go to’ firm for any project—big or small. Beyond their technical expertise is an ability to understand the issues and to evolve the project by listening to and working with their client. They deliver intelligent, memorable work.”

Dr George Boukouris, MCS BIOMED

“SJM’s broad and peerless technical capability, responsiveness, rapid intellectual grasp that means we will continue to use them in the future to promote our scientific business.”

Prof. Ian Croudace, GAU Radioanalytical Laboratories

“We have been working with SJM since we started our business 15 years ago, and wouldn't think about going elsewhere. Unlike many of his clients, our product is not technical, and our requirements are for fairly straightforward photography, both in the studio and on location, but he always makes time for us and gives what feels like 110%. In terms of post-production nothing is too much trouble. It is always a pleasant surprise to get his invoice - how often can you say that? - and, very importantly, he's always a pleasure to work with.”

Kate Hancock, Director, IOTA Garden and Home Ltd